Indonesia's Forgotten Political Prisoners

Johan Teterisa went from school teacher to political prisoner on June 29, 2007. On that day, he led a group of 27 Moluccan independence activists to join in the annual Family Day festivities at Merdeka Stadium in Ambon, the capital of Maluku province. The activists scandalized then-President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who was in the audience with a group of foreign diplomats, by performing the Moluccan cakalele traditional war dance and unfurling the officially banned Republic of South Maluku (RMS) flag.


Indonesian House of Representatives Criticizes Government for Lacking Initiative Towards Separatism in West Papua

Members of Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives criticized the government during a public for their lacking initiative in handling the independence movement  West Papua. Commission I is responsible for Defense and foreign affairs. According to members of Commission I the government, in particular the foreign ministry, has failed in setting up a unified approach against the human rights based international campaign for independence, which would slowly but surely gained ground in foreign countries all over the world.



Solomon Islands' Statement on Human Rights Situation in West papua during 31st Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva

The Human Rights Council, the main United Nations body based in Geneva, is currently holding its 31st regular session in Geneva, Switzerland, from the 29th of February to the 24th of March 2016. The council is dealing with human rights issues around the world.

This week Solomon Islands, has raised concern on the ongoing human rights violations in West Papua. He particularly referred to frequently reported cases of  arbitrary arrests, summary executions, tortures, ill treatments and limitations of freedom of expression committed by Indonesian security forces. Minister Counsellor and Chargé d’Affaires of the Solomon Islands Mission to the United Nations and the WTO in Geneva, Barrett Salato told the Council on Monday, that human rights violations in that region needs urgent attention by the world community. Salato also highlighted the high number of maternal mortality of 500 per 100’000 stressing that access to education and health services for the Papuans has deteriorated.  

Download Solomon Islands' Statement on Human Rights Situation in West Papua as PDF File

Download reply of the Indonesian delegation as PDF File

Watch the video of the statement made by the Solomon Islands delegation

Watch the video of the reply made by the Indonesian delegation


US Ambassador Robert Blake Visits West Papua

The US Ambassador Robert Blake visited West Papua between 17 and 22 January 2016 to view the  progress of US supported development projects, meet with government officials, the Papuan Police Chief, religious leaders, civil society activists. According to the US embassy the main purpose of the trip was to visit USAID programs aimed at reducing poverty and protecting the environment in the region through the promotion of sustainable farming methods, the preservation of the region’s rich forests and wildlife, and to monitor ongoing efforts to increase the quality and availability of primary education in West Papua.


Is the Pacific’s solidarity for Papua on the rise?

Recently during a public forum on the issue of Papua organised by the Indonesian government think-tank (LIPI) in January 2016, we were drawn to the attention of the Pacific countries towards Papua. While the representatives from the Indonesian government and intelligence treated the issue as marginal, a Golkar parliamentarian, Tantowi Yahya, took the Pacific issue very seriously. He argued that the Papuan movement managed to mobilise support from the Pacific diplomatic fora, particularly the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) and the Pacific Island Development Forum (PIDF), by exposing human rights abuses committed by the Indonesian security forces.


German Human Rights Commissioner Visits West Papua

After two unsuccessful attempts to visit West Papua in 2008 and 2012, a human rights commissioner of the German Government received the Indonesian government's authorization to enter West Papua in September 2015. During his two day visit, Christoph Strässer met with government representatives  and civil society actors.


Urgent Appeal - Health Crisis in Nduga Regency

Urgent Appeal

16 February 2016

At least 51 Children and 3 Adults Have Died of Pertussis in Nduga Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia During Past Months After Government Neglect

The International Coalition for Papua (ICP), together with Geneva for Human Rights – Global Training, Franciscans International, Tapol, Mission21, the United Evangelical Mission, the Asian Human Rights Commission and the Westpapua Netzwerk wish to bring to your attention the recent deaths of at least 51 children and 3 adults due to Pertussis (whooping cough) in the districts Mbua, Dal and Mbulmu Yalma, Nduga Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia since November 2015. As the government social and health institutions did not respond to the serious situation of malnutrition and hard weather conditions in the affected area, many children died of otherwise manageable infections. As a result of the negligence, the Indonesian government failed to fulfill its obligations to protect the health and life, as stated in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in article 11/1,2 and article 12/1, 2 (a), (c) and (d).


Indonesian Government Plans Ambitious Road and Railroad Project in West Papua

The Indonesian Government has planned to push physical development in West Papua through the implementation of an ambitious rail road and road project in West Papua. Both projects should make the transportation of goods and people cheaper and increase the local economy in Indonesia's two easternmost provinces. The Indonesian President Joko Widodo has publicly stated that he intends to finish the Trans-Papua Road by 2019. Furthermore, he has passed plans for the construction of a railroad which should one day connect the Papuan cities Sorong, Manokwari, Nabire, Timika, Sarmi and Jayapura.


Update Papua Roadmap - New LIPI Press Release

Press Release*

In 2009, the assessment team for Papua of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI Papua Team) has published the book Papua Road Map as the result of the team's studies since 2004. Subsequently, at the beginning of 2010, the LIPI Papua Team in cooperation with the Papua Peace Network (JDP) started carrying out public consultations in 26 districts and organized 6 exploratory meetings with the goal to facilitate the peace building process and reconciliation through dialogue. The exploratory meetings, which were attended by parliament members, government representatives and civil society figures, took place in Jimbaran (Bali), Manado, Lombok, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Jakarta.


HRW releases Report on Media Freedom in Papua

They kept on having a friendly tone: ‘Yes, we’re looking for the right date, we’re more than happy to receive you, let’s look for a date.’ But they never said anything [regarding a solid date]. It was plausible deniability. I think what it shows is that there must be a lot to hide in Papua.

    —Former UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue, describing the response of Indonesian officials to his 2012-13 request to visit Papua

Download full report

Read full report on HRW Homepage



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