Protests against police searches


The National Committee for West Papua - KNPB - has protested against measures taken by the police to search the homes of people in the vicinity of Perumnas-EXPO, Waene , Jayapura, in their search for Danny Wenda.

Spokesman for the KNPB, Wim Medlama told JUBI: 'The police carried out a search of the home of IM (initials only) on Thursday as well as other homes all of which is quite unjustified and would clearly not lead them to Danny Wenda, he said.

Wim Medlama said that since Danny has been declared to be on the 'wanted' list (DPO), he has not appeared anywhere in Jayapura or the vicinity. 'We too have not been in contact with him. We have no idea where he has gone.'

'These searches make no sense and can only create new problems,' said Medlama. He alleged that the police searches were part of a special agenda being pursued by the police on behalf of vested interests.

With regard to the comment by the police that they are not directing their search against the KNPB but against Danny Wenda and say that this is in connection with a shooting incident in July last year in Jayapura, Medlama said that if Danny were not a member of the KNPB, why would the police be looking for him? He is ssen as being connected with the case of the late Mako Tabuni.'

[Translated by TAPOL]