Six Timika Region KNPB Activists Sentenced to 1 Year Jail

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PAPUAN, Timika - Council of State Court Judges Timika, Papua, this afternoon, Tuesday (16/04/2013) sentenced 1 year in prison for six activists West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Timika region, who was arrested on October 24, 2013 ago.

Information gathered, the sixth case KNPB activists are divided into two files, first, recorded with registerasi case number: PDM-2/TMK/Ep.2/01/2013, for Yakonias Womsiwor (30), Paul Maryom ( 24), Alfret Marsyom (34), Steven Itlay (26) and Romario Yatipai (29).

They were arrested on charges of first, violated Article 2 paragraph 1 of the Emergency Law No. 12 Year 1951, Jo 55 Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code together have a sharp weapon without a permit, and the second charge, Article 106 of the Criminal Code jo 55 paragraph 1 of the joint- same act of treason.

While the second file, recorded with a number registerasi case: PDM-03/TMK/Ep.2/01/2013, for defendant Awerkion Yanto (19). According to public prosecutors (PP), Awerkion arrested on charges of violating Article 1, paragraph (1) of Act 12 of 1951 Jo Emergency Article 55 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code on the 1st possession of explosives.

After the reading of the verdict, one of the defendant's legal advisor, Gustaf Kawer, SH, M. Hum, claiming objection to the verdict read by the judges, the article, for the first case, since the five defendants examined in court, treason clause had never touched the panel judges.

"The decision of the judges strongly correlated with the examination. For the first case, the fifth terdawa not shown to have an edge, treason related article, also had never been mentioned during the course of the trial, but the judge decided one year in prison by saying prove treason, we will appeal, "said Kawer, when contacted suarapapua. com, via cell phone.

While the second case, the ownership of explosives, Gustaf continue, in the trial none of the witnesses who saw the defendant carrying explosives, but officials forced the defendant to claim possession of explosives.

"Since the defendant was arrested along with five colleagues, there is absolutely no explosives he had, when he reached the Mimika police station, the officers bring explosives and used as evidence, and compel the accused to confess to having an explosive. It's very strange, "added Kawer.

Kawer also saw the first trial case, which led the Chief Justice, A. Putune Rajenda, SH, M. Hum, and the two judges, Moralam Purba SH, Carolina Awi, SH more attention to the political aspects, and do not see the legal aspects and legal facts in the trial process.

Meanwhile, further Kawer, the second case, which is handled by the Chairman of the panel of judges, Benjamin Nuboba, SH, and two judges, Willem Depondoye, SH, and SH Musawir Shamsuddin, also do not pay attention to the facts of the trial, because none of the witnesses who saw defendant was going to take or possession of explosives such as prosecutor's indictment.

"Our legal counsel will conduct plea on April 23, 2013. The sixth defendant must be released immediately because not proven guilty, "added Kawer.

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