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| June 21, 2013 |

Dr.. Vice Chairman John Otto Ondawame WPNCL when delivering a
statement in the plenary WPNCL MSG Summit in Noumea (Jubi)

Noumea, 21/06 (Jubi) Application West Papua National Coalition for
Liberation (WPNCL), was officially accepted by the MSG. However
WPNCL status requested by the application will be determined in the
next six months.

The MSG leaders of countries comprising Fiji, Solomon Islands,
Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and have decided FLNKS results MSG Leaders
Summit which is the final outcome of the 19th meeting of the leaders
of the Melanesian countries. Decision called joint communiqué
consists of 44 points that such a trade agreement, technical
capacity building, finance, climate change, the exchange of
knowledge and application WPNCL.

The communiqué was signed by the leaders of the five countries of
Melanesia, respectively Tutugoro Victor (FLNKS), Veroqe Bainimarama
(Fiji), Leon Dion (Papua New Guinea), Gordon Darcy Lilo (Solomon
Islands) and Moana Carcassas Kalosil (Vanuatu). The signing of this
is done in Escapade Resort, Noumea, June 21, 2013.

Representations about the application WPNCL as West Papua, the
communiqué has been decided as follows (points 20 and 21 of the

The Leaders noted with respect to the application roadmap West Papua
National Coalition of Liberation (WPNCL) for membership should be
based on clear and measurable schedule. The Leaders acknowledged
that human rights violations need to be highlighted, and to progress
the application WPNCL important to continuously engage with
Indonesia. The leaders agreed to establish a process of dialogue and
consultation with Indonesia. ParapPemimpin noted and welcomed the
invitation from Indonesia to invite the Minister of Foreign Missions
(FMM) which will be led by Fiji which is a confirmation of the
mission time is still awaited. Decisions on applications will be
determined by the WPNCL / after a report of FMM mission.

Leaders' decision:

(I) AGREED that MSG fully supports the rights of the West Papuan
people to self-determination as set out in the preamble of the
constitution MSG;

(Ii) AGREED that MSG concerns about human rights abuses and other
forms relating to atrocities against West Papuans will be filed
along with the Indonesian government on a bilateral basis and as a group

(Iii) NOTES that the application of WPNCL to be a member of MSG has
been accepted and the application will be reviewed after the filing
of the report FMM, and

(Iv) AGREED roadmap as recommended by FMM include:

a) that the MSG mission sent the foreign minister-level FMM, led by
Minister of Foreign Affairs Fiji to Jakarta and then to West Papua
in 2013 and received an invitation from the Indonesian government.

b) foreign minister's mission will present its report to the leaders
on the occasion of the first msg in the next six months.

c. WPNCL will be formally notified of the decision regarding the
application of MSG leaders, and

d. mission will be part of the process of determining the membership
application WPNCL. (Jubi / Adm)