Human rights Defender Called for Questioning


The well-known human rights lawyer Gustaf R. Kawer has received two summonses to the police office of Jayapura in the past few days. Fellow lawyers suspect an attempt to intimidate the tireless human rights defender.

Photo: JUBI


For many years, Gustaf Kawer has been representing indigenous Papuans in court in cases regarding torture, police brutality, land grabbing, treason and incitement. On June 12th 2014, a court case for his client Agus Yoku was held, even though Kawer had requested an adjournment due to another court case that he had to attend at the same time. The judges decided to proceed with the hearing although Kawer, as Yokus legal advisor, was not present. After being informed of this, Kawer immediately made his way to the courtroom and objected to the board of judges. During his protest, he was filmed by several people, presumably including plainclothes policemen. The police have now informed Kawer and his organisation PERADI that a complaint has been filed due to his alleged disruptive and insulting behaviour in the courtroom. Several fellow lawyers fear that this is part of a plan to prevent Kawer from doing his important work.