Papuan Shot because of Road Block

As reported by newspapers Suara Papua and Majalah Selangkah, on September 18th 2014, Videlis Jhon Agapa (36), a pig farmer, was shot, allegedly by plainclothes military personnel in Nabire. Earlier, a passing car had hit one of Agape's pigs and killed it. For the Mee tribe which Agapa belonged to, pigs are an extremely valuable commodity. Agapa had set up a road block together with some friends to stop passing motorists and ask for donations to compensate for the pig.


According to a witness, one of the truck drivers had gone to a local military base to complain about the road block. Two soldiers then drove to the area where the road block had been set up. Because of the long queue of vehicles, they could not reach the road block itself, exited their vehicle and immediately started shooting in the direction of Agape and his friends. Videlis Agape was shot in his back and died immediately.