Human rights lawyers concerned about detention conditions of three Papuan defendants

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A team of human rights lawyers has conducted a press conference in Jayapura in which they expressed their concerns regarding the detention conditions of three defendants, who are currently undergoing trial at the Nabire District Court of Papua Province. On the 13 October 2016, officers from the Papua regional police arrested Aloysius Kayame at the Sentani Airport. Jemmy Magay Yogi and Demianus Magay Yogi were arrested on 16 October 2016 in Waena, Jayapura. All suspects were charged due allegations of threats, extortion, possession of firearms and treason. The Papuan regional police linked the charges to an incident in Wotay, Distrik Yatamo, Kabupaten Paniai  on 31 January 2015. The police justified the arrests due to a conflict on customary land which had occurred after Jemmy, Demianus and Aloisius had claimed compensation for the utilization of their ancestral land  for a public road.

According to the lawyers, the defendants were repeatedly transferred to different detention facilities in which they were denied access to sufficient medical treatment. Furthermore, the public prosecutor in charge and the police officers at the Papuan Regional Police station in Jayapura and the Nabire district police station did not allow the defendant's family to visit Jemmy, Demianus and Aloisius more than once a week. According to human rights lawyer Gustaf Kawer, all defendants were permanently handcuffed during detention. The handcuffs were only opened when the defendants  had to go to toilet. The human rights lawyers state that such treatment of defendants during the law enforcement process violates articles 58, 60, 61 and 63 of the Indonesian criminal procedure code (KUHAP) and is equal to physical forms of torture during detention.

Nabiretrial 2.resizedThe team of human rights lawyers ended the press conference with various demands: The public prosecutor and the police officers of Nabire district police should open access to the defendants for family members, medical personnel and pastors. The lawyers also demanded sanctions for the judges, the public prosecutor and police officers who were responsible for violations and requested that all defendants should be transferred to the Nabire state prison, where their rights could be fully guaranteed.