Yapen District Police officers allegedly execute Maikel Marani

Local human rights defenders in Yapen Island have reported that a special police force unit under command of Yapen District Police allegedly executed the head of the local armed independence group Maikel Marani (28 years) in the early morning hours of 27th March 2017 at Kontinuai Village, Angkaisera District, Yapen Islands Regency. According to eye witnesses, special force members in black uniforms and balaclavas approached the house of Maikel Marani's in-laws at 01:00 am, where Maikel had stayed over night. The witnesses stated that Maikel Marani was unarmed at the time of the attempted arrest. As Maikel Marani tried to escape, a police officer released shots at him, one of them hitting Maikel's leg. Despite no further attempts to avoid the arrest, the officers again fired several shots at Maikel Marani, causing his instant death on the spot. Subsequently, the police officers tortured two other villagers with the initials H.S. (30 years) and F.A. (28 years), and forced them at gunpoint to show where Maikel Marani had hidden his weapons.

The shooting at Kontinuai Village was also confirmed by several local newspapers and electronic media platforms. According to local news platform Tabloid Jubi, the police operation was carried out under supervision of the Yapen District Police Chief Darma Suwandito. Papua Regional Police spokesman Ahmad Kamal stated in a public interview that Maikel Marani was shot dead after he had allegedly tried to resist the arrest. The police operation was carried out because Maikel Marani had been listed on a police search list since three years.