Cases of human rights violations submitted to the Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council

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The Papuan Tabernacle Church 'KINGMI Papua' and the Advocacy Network on Law Enforcement and Human Rights of the Papuan Central Highlands 'JAPH-HAM' have reported multiple cases of human rights violations which occurred in the Papuan cities of Nabire and Wamena throughout June and July 2017. International human rights advocacy groups have recently submitted two of these cases to the 'Special Procedures' of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Between 29 June and 6 July 2017, the Nabire District police carried out raids and political mass arrests in Nabire, Papua Province. Police forces used tear gas and water cannons against the residents. Frederika Pigome (35 years) died two days later after she had inhaled the teargas. Police officers arbitrarily arrested Inandus Mote (20 years old) during the raids and subsequently tortured him during detention. Between 1 and 6 July 2017 the District police carried political arrest as response to peaceful protest by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB). At least 119 KNPB supporters were arrested and tortured during detention after they had demanded the release of Yanto Waine (23 years) who was arbitrarily arrested as he was copying leaflets for a political discussion.   

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Download Joint Submission as PDF File here  

On 16 June 2017, three police officer allegedly tortured 15-year-old Alberth Nawipa at Potikelek Market in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency. According to local human rights defenders, the officers hit Alberth Nawipa with bare hands, wooden and rubber batons on the head, back and stomach. The officers repeatedly punched him in the face. Then Alberth was threatened at knife point to be quiet and squat down while three officers collectively beat him with a rubber baton to the back and the head. Alberth had to be hospitalized at Jayawijaya General Hospital in Wamena, where he  remained in medical observation for several days due to a strong nose bleeding and dizziness which he sustained as an effect of the torture. 

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Download Special Procedures Submission as PDF File here