Military officers kill Robi Murib in Ilaga, Puncak Regency

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The local human rights organisation ELSHAM Papua has reported the alleged killing of Robi Murib (27 years old) by a group of military members in the highland town of Ilaga, Puncak Regency. On 7 July 2017, Robi and two friends had come together to consume alcoholic drinks in front of Robi's house. However, a heated argument among the three friends broke out as a group of  military officers passed the location around 2.15 pm East Indonesia Time (EIT). When the military patrol approached the house, one member recognized that Robi was armed with a revolver, which was attached to his belt.

An eyewitness stated that one military officer immediately opened fire at the three men. The bullets hit Robi's left and right leg, so he fell to the ground while both of his friends were able to flee the location. According to the witness testimony, the military officers allegedly stabbed Robi Murib with their bayonets to the head and waist before they brought him to the general hospital in Ilaga town. Robi Murib died at 5 pm (EIT). His family picked up the body at the hospital without requesting an autopsy. He was buried the following day.
The Emergency Law No 12/1951 and Government Regulation for the substitution of  Law No. 20/1960 forbids the possession of fire arms by civilians. However, the regulations No 1/2009 and 8/2009 by Chief of Police, as well as Law No. 7/2010 by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia require members of the police to use their fire arms in accordance with the procedures as stipulated in the above mentioned laws and only in situations where they have to defend themselves. According to the eyewitness, the military members opened fire at the three men even though none of them had not tried to attack the military patrol unit.