Update Oneibo Shooting: Perpetrators' sentence disproportionately low

The police chief of the Tigi Sub-District Police, Maing Raini, and three mobile brigade officers, namely commander Aslam Djafar, officer Esra Sattun and officer Victor Manggaprouw were sentenced to apologize and will be transferred to another district police. Many victims and human rights defenders regard the sentence as disproportionately low, considering that the officers applied excessive use of force during the dispersal of villagers in Oneibo on 1 August 2017, which lead to the death of Yulianus Pigai, whilst at least ten villagers sustained bullet injuries, among them five minors.

The head of public relations desk of the Papua Regional Police, Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, stated in a public interview that police chief Maing Raini was found guilty because he had involved the mobile brigade forces without coordination with his superior. Kamal further stated that the police chief had left the site of crime without giving clear instructions to the officers under his command. Commander Aslam Djafar was found guilty of deploying mobile brigade forces to Oneibo village without the approval of his superior. Djafar should have followed the instructions of the superior in charge of the operation who had given orders to retreat as the villagers began to throw stones at the police forces. The officers Esra Sattun and Victor Manggaprouw were found guilty of the unauthorized use of live ammunition. Five other police officers were acquitted without further disciplinary sanctions.

The Papuan Student Solidarity for Human Rights in Deiyai (SPMR-PHDP) launched a demonstration on 6 September 2017 in Jayapura. The protesters met with parliament members at the Papuan provincial parliament where they demanded that the perpetrators should be processed in a public trial (see image above). They further called the parliament and the national human rights commission (KOMNSA HAM) to support the legal prosecution of perpetrators by issuing a public statement.