Police brutality in Nabire – high school student beaten because he did not wear a helmet

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A senior high school student named Bryan Kowi was allegedly beaten with a rattan stick by a police officer on 5 September 2017 in Nabire. According to the local media outlet Tabloid Jubi, Bryan Kowi and his friend were driving a motor cycle without wearing helmets. When they passed the regent's office, a police officer hit Bryan twice with a rattan stick on the head and the back.

As result of the strikes, Bryan sustained bruises on his back and a bleeding cut on his head. He had to receive medical treatment at the public hospital. Bryan's parents stated in a public interview that they reported the incident to the Nabire District police. However, the complaint was not processed by the police-internal investigative body PROPAM. The police officers who met the parents only apologized for the incident instead of initiating an investigation against the perpetrator.