Six military members search house of Papuan journalist without warrant

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Various independent Papuan media outlets reported that six plain cloth military members came to the house of 'Suara Papua' journalist Stevanus Yogi in Enarotali, Paniai Regency around 12.00 am on the 17 October 2017. The three military officers entered his house without asking for permission or showing a warrant to him. They checked each room inside the house, while the other three officers were guarding the yard in front of the house. According to Stevanus Yogi, the military members were armed with bayonet knives and stated that they were allegedly searching for a thief.

However, the local journalist understood the incident as an act of intimidation against him, explaining that the security force members only targeted his house in the area. The head of the 'Suara Papua' redaction, Mr Arnold Belau also perceived the house search as an act of intimidation against his journalist and linked the incident to the Paniai Shooting in December 2014. Stevanus Yogi was one of the journalists who was involved in the media coverage on the case which lead to the publication of various critical articles.