Army officers torture villagers in Moso Village

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The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Desk (JPIC) of the Christian Protestant Church in Papua (GKI di Tanah Papua) have reported multiple incidents in which members of the Yonif Para Raider 432 Kostrad Makasar military unit allegedly tortured villagers in Moso Village of the Muara Tami District, Jayapura Municipality.

On 4 October 2017, four fully armed army officers unlawfully arrested the villagers named Nolbet and Zakheus at 9.00 pm, after the two young men had disturbed other villagers under the influence of alcoholic drinks. The officers also went to the house of teacher Thomas Manufandu, entered the house without showing a warrant and arbitrarily arrested his son Kostan Manudandu as he was sleeping in his room. Subsequently, the army officers brought Nolbet, Zakheus and Kostan to the military post in Moso. At 21.30, Thomas Manufandu and his wife went to the military post to request the release of Nolbet, Zakheus and his son. Thomas witnessed that the military officers slapped and beat Nolbet, Zakheus and Kostan to the face and body before they were released.



On 5 October 2017, around 6.00 pm, six fully armed army officers stopped Alfred Mandowen in Moso as he was driving his motor cycle. One of the officers kicked Alfred to the back, hence he fell to the ground. Subsequently, another army officer put his rifle aside and punched Alfred Mandowen twice to the chest in attempt to challenge him to a fist fight. The army officers allowed Alfred to leave the location after he had rejected the challenge. Alfred reported the incident after his arrival in Moso Village to Thomas Manufandu.

The following day, Thomas Manufandu, his three sons and the head of Moso village went to the army post to report the torture incidents to second lieutenant Iwan, who is in command of the military post in Moso. As the villagers arrived, lieutenant Iwan allegedly gave the order to prepare for combat instead of settling the conflict in non-violent ways. Moreover, he threatened the villagers by saying that he was ready to shoot at them and not being afraid to be moved to another unit if disciplinary sanctions would be imposed on him. Subsequently, he pointed his finger at Thomas Manufandu accusing him of being a member of the separatist movement (OPM). Lieutenant Iwan tried to force Thomas Manufandu to confess the whereabouts of fire arms, while slapping him twice on the temple.