New documentary and report about struggles in the lives of Papuan women

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The CSO Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) together with the Papuan Women Working Group (PWG) has published a new report and documentary about the daily struggles of Papuan women. The report and  documentary with the title ' I AM HERE: Voices of Papuan Women in the Face of Unrelenting Violence' (Bahasa Indonesia: SA ADA DI SINI: Suara Perempuan Papua Menghadapi Kekerasan yang Tak Kunjung Usai) compile the results of four years of participatory action research with 170 indigneous Papuan women consisting of female activists, religious leaders and human rights organisations.

“I AM HERE”  provides a deeper insights into the live reality in West Papua from the perspective of indigenous women, whose thoughts and voices often remain unheard due to structural marginalization and traditional gender roles. Many Papuan women are facing domestic and state violence as law enforcement and other state institutions do not provide sufficient protection and social services to female victims of violence. The growing economic competition and development has resulted in limited access to land and resources, which particularly affects the lives of Papuan women.

The reasearch report was launched in Jakarta as part of a two-day Papuan women’s awareness campaign at the Goethe Institute in Jakarta, on the 7 and 8 October 2017. Documentary and the report can be viewed using the following links:


View Documentary SA ADA DI SINI with English sub-titles here

Download full report in Bahasa Indonesia as PDF file here