Security force raid in Nduga Regency – five victims injured by bullets, four tortured

The 'Advocacy Network on Law Enforcement and Human Rights of the Papuan Central Highlands' (JAPH-HAM) together with the 'Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence' (KONTRAS) published a press release on 20 December 2017 in response to an alleged security force raid in the area around the Daragma Airport in Mugi District of Nduga Regency, Papua Province. According to JAPH-HAM and KONTRAS, the raids between 12  and 15 December 2017 appeared to be an act of revenge after violent clashes between the Papuan Liberation Army (TPN) and Indonesian Military (TNI) had caused the death of a constructions worker. One TNI soldier sustained bullet injuries during the exchange of fire.

JAPH-HAM and KONTRAS stated they received credible information from witnesses who stated that the joint security force members used civil airplanes, from which they released shots in direction to people and houses around the airport. The press release states that, joint security forces  tortured four indigenous Papuans and burned two houses to the ground. Five residents sustained bullet wounds during the raid. According to JAPH-HAM and KONTRAS three of the victims were minors. After the raid, security forces monitored the road from Jayawijaya to Nduga Regency and only granted access to those who had received permission letters from the police.

The civil society organisations asked the police and military forces to stop attacks against the civilian population and ensure the safety and medical treatment to all victims. Moreover, KONTRAS and JAPH-HAM asked the local government and security forces to grant access to journalists and human rights defenders to Nduga-Regency to conduct further investigation into the raid.