Ten cases of extra-judicial killings in West Papua throughout 2017

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The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) has documented the extra-judicial killings of  ten indigenous Papuans throughout the year 2017. The ICP demands Indonesian authorities to immediately conduct independent, impartial and effective investigations into these cases. All perpetrators should be brought to justice at  civilian courts through fair and transparent trials, as stipulated in international human rights treaties.

In memory of the killed indigenous Papuans and their families, who continue to seek justice for their relatives, the ICP has compiled the following list:

1. Melkias Dogomo, passed away on 7 January 2017 after being severely tortured during detention at the Moanemai Sub-district police station.

2. Otis Pekei, tortured to death on 10 January 2017, after police officers had arbitrarily detained him during a widespread security force operation in Moanemai Sub-district.

3. Edison Hesegem, passed away on 11 January 2017 after police officers severely tortured him during detention at KP3 police station in relation to an allegedly attempted burglary.

4. Maikel Marani, arbitrarily executed by members of a police special unit under command of Yapen district police on 27 March 2017 during a security force operation in Kontinuai Village of Yapen Regency.

5. Ronald Auparay passed away on the 29 May 2017 in Manokwari General Hospital after he had been allegedly tortured at the district police station in Manokwari, where he was detained for more than 20 days.

6. Robi Murib, shot dead on 7 July 2017 during a military patrol in Puncak Regency, because he wore a revolver in his belt

7. Yulianus Pigai, shot dead on 1 August 2017 after mobile police brigade members had opened fire at a group of villagers in Oneibo Village of Deiyai Regency, who protested against a company because its workers had refused to provide first aid to villager.

8. Theodorus Kamtar, shot dead on 9 August 2017 by member of the military intelligence as a brawl at Poumako harbor of Mimika Regency between Papuan local fishermen and migrant fishers occurred.

9. Ishak Yaguar, died on 19 November 2017 in Merauke Regency, after members of the military from Yalet Military Post had tortured him because of his involvement in a peaceful protest against corrupt village authorities.

10. Nikolausi Bernolpus, shot dead by a police officer in Mappi Regency on 25 December 2017 as a dispute between him and a local police officers escalated.