UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food visits Indonesia

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The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Ms. Hilal Elver, is currently visiting Indonesia from 9 April to 18 April 2018. The general purpose of the mission is to collect information and examine issues relevant to the right to food. In addition, she will discuss the realization of the right to food in terms of availibility, accessibility and adequacy with Government authorities and other relevant stakeholders. The findings on the country visit are goiong to be compiled in a public report, which will be presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council in March 2019.


Right to Food in West Papua 2018 coverThe Special Rapporteur has planned to visit various provinces during her visit to Indonesia. Even though the provinces Papua and Papua Barat are not part of the her travel schedule, she has promised to meet with civil society representatives from Indonesia’s easternmost provinces. Prior to the visit, the Special Rapporteur had asked civil society organisations to submit information on the right to food situation in various parts of the country. AwasMIFEE!; the Centre for Study, Documentation and Advocacy on People’s Rights (PUSAKA); James Elmslie (Convener, West Papua Project, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney); Dr. Remco van de Pas (Maastricht Centre for Global Health, University of Maastricht); Papuan Peoples Network for Natural Resources and ECOSOC Rights (JERAT) together with the International Coalition for Papua (ICP) compiled a report on the right to food situation in West Papua, which was submitted to the Special Rapporteur in March 2018.

The joint report can be downloaded here