Five military members injured during accompaniment of electricity survey

A team of the national electricity company PLN (Perusahan Listrik Negara) consisting of eleven students, three technical engineers, three volunteers and 16 military members was attacked by members of the Papuan Liberation Army (TPN OPM) on 6 August 2018, as they wanted to survey the area around Kinou Village, in Wagemuka District of Paniai Regency, Papua Province. Around 10 am, a group of villagers and TPN members asked the team to cancel the survey activities, arguing that they had not coordinated the survey with the head of district and the village leaders. A subsequent discussion between military members, the resistance members and the villagers escalated into a brawl.

The TPN-OPM members succeeded to seize two guns and one automatic assault rifle from the TNI soldiers. Five military members were injured during the physical confrontation. Lance Corporal Karyadi was injured on the temple and the right leg while Private Irfanudin sustained a laceration on the back of the head – both soldiers had to be hospitalized at the Enarotali General Hospital. Three other military officers, named First Seargent Alfius Gobay, Staff Seargent Yauji and Staff Seargant Hardi sustained bruises after being beaten with sticks and received ambulant treatment. The TPN-OPM returned the seized weapons - in exchange for 100 million rupiahs - to the regent of Panai Regency in the early morning hours of the following day.