Police officers shoot down Fery Korwa in Manokwari

Local human rights defenders have reported a police shooting in Manokwari, Papua Barat Province, near the Wosi Market. On 26 August 2018 at 10.00 am, police officers from the Manokwari sub-district municipality police (Polsek Manokwari Kota) shot Fery Korwa (20) in front of the Fajar Roon Hotel in Trikora Wosi Street. Ferry Korwa sustained a bullet injury to the right side of the upper back and had to be trated at the local Navy Hospital (see intro image). The bullet pierced his torso from back to front as he was running away from police officers. According to the local police, Ferry Korwa allegedly stole a mobile phone from a junior high school student and tried to avoid arrest. In response, the victim’s relatives blocked the road at 12.00 am. They claimed that the police used excessive force during the arrest and demanded that the officers in charge shall be prosecuted.

The local police justified the use of fire arms, claiming that Ferry Korwa carried a sharp weapon. The head of the criminal investigation unit of Manokwari sub-district police, B. Limbong,  stated in a public interview on 27 August 2018 that Fery Korwa  threatened the officers with a weapon. He explained that his men tried to shoot the suspect in the leg but accidently hit his upper back. The statement contradicts the information collected by local human rights defenders - eyewitnesses who helped Ferry Korwa after the shooting stated that he did not carry any weapon.