Timika District Police fails to provide adequate medical treatment during detention

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According to credible information by the ‘Association of Human Rights Lawyers for Papua’ (PAHAM Papua) the Timika District Police failed to provide sufficient medical treatment to two detainees which had sustained bullet injuries during a security force raid on the branch office of the ‘West Papua National Committee’ (KNPB) on 15 September 2018 . Erichzon Mandobar (19 years) sustained a bullet injury below the right knee, while Yakonias Womsiwor (39 years) sustained six bullet injuries on his left leg – three bullets hitting his thigh, three bullets the calf (see image on the left). The local police has provided first aid treatment after the  raid. However, the police only facilitated two treatments within the first week after the incident. Afterwards, both detainees were denied access to medical follow-up treatments. As a result of the police negligence, Yakonias Womsiwor’s injured leg got swollen and started to turn black – very likely due to wound infection. He is currently not able to stand up and is in severe pain due to his leg injuries. Erichzon and Yakonias are currently detained at the Mako Brimom 32 Timika headquarters.

The police has charged Erichzon Mandobar and Yakonias Womsiwor with the article 2 (1) of the emergency law No. 15/51 about the unauthorized ownership or use of firearms and article 214 of the Indonesian Penal code (KUHP) about the attempted use of force or resistance against law enforcement officers. Erichzon Mandobar and Yakonias Womsiwor were allegedly holding a spear and a machete, as the security forces entered the KNPB office. The police officers reportedly opened fire at the KNPB activists without releasing warning shots. Instead of releasing single aimed shots at Yakonias legs, the police officers fired six times at the leg.