Six air force members collectively torture Papuan man in Sentani

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The Association of Human Rights Lawyers for Papua ‘PAHAM Papua’ has documented another torture case in Sentani, Jayapura Regency. On 10 September 2018, six air force members allegedly tortured Sukay Alwan Suebu at the Sub-district police office near the Sentani Airport (Polsek KP3U Bandara Sentani) and the dormitory facility of the air force base (LANUD) in Sentani. He sustained bruises all over his body as a result of the torture and had to undergo medical treatment at the Yowari General Hospital in Sentani for two days.

Sukay Alwan Suebu was dismissed from company PT Jayawijaya, where he had worked for nine years. When he left the company office around 9.00 am, one of his colleagues made fun of his dismissal, so Sukay Suebu slapped the colleague on the cheek. Thereupon, the colleague called his brother, an air force member who is deployed at the nearby air force base in Sentani. Around 09.15 am, the brother and another air force member intercepted Sukay Alan Suebu on his way home and brought him to the sub-district police station near the Sentani Airport (Polsek KP3U Bandara Sentani), where both military members punched Sukay Suebu repeatedly in the face.

Shortly after, four air force members came to the KP3U police station. Around 10.00 am, the six soldiers - all members of a special air force unit PASKHAS LANUD - brought Sukay Suebu to the dormitory facility of the air force base. They tied Sukay’s hands to flag pole and collectively punched and kicked his body. The military members also asked Sukay Suebu’s colleague to participate in the torture. The collective beating stopped after a resident witnessed the torture. Around 12.00 am, the military members brought Suaky Suebu back to the PT Jayawijaya office and forced him to publicly apologize to the company director and the staff. On the way back home, Sukay Suebu lost conscious and reportedly fell off the motor cycle taxi. His relatives brought him to Yowari General Hospital in Sentani where he was hospitalized for two days.