Eleven university students arrested for peacefully expressing their opionion in public

The Papuan media outlet Tabloid Jubi has reported the arrest of four students at the campus of the Jayapura University for Technology and Science (USTJ) on 27 September 2018. A group of students had gathered at 09.00 am in front of the university building and expressed their support for Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands, which raised the human rights situation in West Papua during the 73rd Session of the United Nations generals Assembly.

Around 11.00 am  members  of the Jayaura municipality police crowd contril unit (DALMAS) entered the university campus and arrested eleven students named Malvin Yobe, Yan Elopere, Desman Wanine, Ones Pusop, Iki Pekey, Ricky Yatipai, Philipus Robaha, Beny Hisage, Albert Yatipai, Yosep Aso, Deamon Wonine. One of the arrestees, Malvin Yobe, holds a leading poisition in the USTJ student council. The students were temporarily detained at the Jayapura municipality police station (Polresta Jayapura).