Military members allegedly kill Anekanus Komarigi in Nduga Regency

Independent human rights defenders have reported another case of extra-judicial killings in the regency of Nduga. On 1 January 2018, members of the military special forces (Kopassus) tortured Anekanus Komarigi (20) inside the Maleo Military Post, located in the Kenyam District of Nduga Regency. Anekanus Komarigi and three friends went to the Maleo military post to buy a motorcycle because some military members allegedly ran a second-hand motorcycle business. The friends sat down with two military members in front of the post to drink tea and eat cookies. As the military members went inside the post, Anekanus wanted to follow them inside to watch television. The military members prevented Anekanus Komarigi from entering and rudely pushed him outside. A subsequent dispute escalated into a brawl.

Anekanus Komarigi reportedly picked up a machete and injured one military officer on the hand. Upon seeing this, other military officers approached and collectively beat Anekenus Komarigi in front of the military post. One officer released a shot and injured one of Anekanus’s friends in the leg. As bystanders witnessed the torture, six military members dragged Anekanus inside the military post to continue the torture. Anekanus Komarigi died around 3.00 pm on the spot as a result of the severe beatings. The head of XVII Cendrawasih command, Colonel Muhammad Aidi, stated in a interview with the independent media outlet ‘Tabloid Jubi’ that the military post was allegedly attacked by four civilians using sharp weapons in an attempt to rob fire arms.