Military members alleged of killing indigenous Papuan in Wouma District, Jayawijaya Regency

The Foundation for Justice and Integrity of the Papuan People (YKKMP) has documented credible information regarding allegations of an extra-judicial killing by army members of the 756 Wim Anesili Wouma Battalion. According to the information received, four soldiers guarding Wimane Sili military post in Wouma District collectively tortured 23-year-old Analok Heselo on 15 August 2019, around 9.15 pm. The military members approached Analok Heselo as he was sitting in front of the military post smoking a cigarette and repeatedly beat him with rubber batons. Subsequently, the military members dragged Analok Heselo inside the military post, where they poured water over him and continued the beatings.

A witness stated that Analok had asked people for cigarettes and betel nuts prior to the incident. According to the witness, Analok Heselo did not disturb public order or harass anybody. Subsequently, the witness walked to the Wouma and told villagers that the military members had beaten Analok Keselo. Thereupon, several villagers went to the military post and saw that Analok was lying unconscious in front of the post. However, being afraid of the military members, they did not bring him to the hospital, but returned to Wouma to mobilize a larger group of people. The group of villagers went back to the military post, lifted Analok on a motorcycle and brought him to the Jayawijaya General Hospital in the town of Wamena, where he died shortly after as a result of his injuries.

According to information received, Analok Keselo sustained a deep cut on the lip which needed to be stitched, bruises all over the body and swellings all over the face. Moreover, he was bleeding out of the right ear. Due to limited understanding of law enforcement procedure, Analok Keselo’s family did not request the hospital to issue a post mortem report.

On 17. August 2019, human rights defenders reported the incident to the responsible military commander (Danyon 756 Wimane Sili) because the victim’s family requested an autopsy of the body. The military commander disagreed with the idea to conduct an autopsy for the lawful veryfication of the cause of death and inquired the human rights defender about his reasons to influence the family to request the autopsy and postpone the cremation. The family finally decided to cremate Analok Keselo’s body on 18 August 2019. On 21 August 2019, members of the 756 Wim Anesili Wouma Battalion facilitated an unofficial meeting with Analok Heselo’s parents in a restaurant in Wamena. During the meeting, military members asked the relatives to sign an agreement stating that the case was settled outside the law and handed over 100 million Rupiahs (US $ 7,155) to the family. Feeling intimidated, Analok Keselo’s parents signed the agreement and received the money. They did not receive any copy of the document.