Mysterious death of student in Enarotali – Police excludes murder as cause of death

The body of senior high school student, A. Mote (17 years), was found on 25.09.2019 in Ekeitadi Village, Enarotali, Paniai Regency. Villagers found the body – the clothes were broken and had presumable blood stains. The victim's trousers were partly ripped off the body. The alleged cause of death was a deep injury on the backside of the neck (see image) which appeared to be caused by external violence. The local police brought the body to the Madi General hospital for an autopsy. According to the police, the autopsy indicates that A. Mote died as a result of a traffic accident. However, the autopsy results were not shared with the victim’s family. Relatives suspect that the police are trying to avoid a criminal investigation into the case. They believe that A. Mote was killed in a different location and the body was later dumped in Ekaitadi Village.