Update: Crackdown on student protest in Jayapura – four killed victims confirmed

One month has passed since security forces cracked down on a peaceful student protest in the Papuan city of Jayapura, on 23 September 2019. While early information regarding the circumstances of the incident and the number of victims varied among different sources, the identities of the killed protesters have now been confirmed. The four students Ason Mujizau, Jery Murib, Otier Wenda and Eremanus Wesareak, were killed as security forces opened fire at the crowd in Waena, Jayapura. Human rights organisations are still investigating the tragic incident, which occurred almost simultaneously with anti-racism riots in Wamena. According to information received, the four students died as a result of bullet injuries. Ason Mijizau sustained two bleeding injuries to the right thigh, a bleeding wound to the right leg (10 cm long), a bleeding wound at the right side of the lower ribs (5 cm long) and a fractured leg.