Police officers open fire at house in Yahukimo Regency – Two residents sustain bullet injuries

The online media outlets ‘Suara Papua’ and 'Noken Wene’ have reported another shooting in Dekai, the largest town in the regency of Yahukimo. According to the media outlets, members of the Police Mobile Brigade Special Unit (Brimob) and the Yahukimo District Police approached the victim’s house on 20 December 2019 around 6.10 pm in multiple vehicles, as Fetrik Nepsan and Lefinus Saram were sitting on the porch in front of the house. Relatives claimed that the police officers immediately shot both men, without giving instructions or releasing warning shots.

Fetrik Nepsan and Lefinus Saram both sustained serious bullet injuries and had to be hospitalised at the Yahukimo General Hospital. The Yahukimo District Police did not provide any reason for shooting them. Both victims are permanently guarded by police officers during the inpatient treatment at the hospital. The victim’s relatives reportedly requested a transfer to a hospital in Jayapura. However, the Yahukimo District Police allegedly rejected the request.

Two days prior to the shooting, an escalated conflict between local residents and police forces in Dekai resulted in the death of a police officer. Another police officer and several residents were injured during the clash. It is currently not known whether both incidents are related.