Police officers fail to protect truck driver during mob attack in Dogiyai Regency

Police officers have failed to protect a truck driver named Yus Yunus during a mob attack in the regency of Dogiyai on 23 February 2020. The incident was allegedly triggered by a traffic accident on the Trans-Papua road in the village of Ekimani, Kamu Utara District and resulted in the death of a local resident named Demianus Mote. Police officers of the Kamu Sub-district Police were present at the site of crime but failed to protect Yus Yunus from the angry mob. He died as a result of the injuries he sustained during the attack. A video recorded during the incident shows that Yus Yunus sought protection behind fully armed mobile brigade police officers, as multiple attackers repeatedly hit his head with sticks and stones.

Mob Attack Yus Yunus 2According to media information, Yus Yunus reported the accident to the local police post in Kamu and returned with a group of police officers to Ekamani village. The video reveals that police officers were completely overwhelmed with the situation. The officers tried in vain to calm down the angry mob but neither disarm the attackers nor coordinate measures to guarantee Yus Yunus’ protection. Yus Yunus falls to the ground after attackers repeatedly hit his head. The attackers continue kicking and striking Mr Yunus with sticks as he is unconsciously lying on the ground while police officers do not make an attempt to bring Yus Yunus to safety. Some officers record the incident without helping their colleagues.

The Papuan Region Police (Polda Papua) has delegated a team to investigate the incident. However, an interview with the Papuan Police Chief, Paulus Waterpauw, indicates that the team will focus on finding facts about the traffic accident and arrest the perpetrators who attacked Yus Yunus during the incident. Waterpauw did not express any intend to investigate the allegations of police negligence during the incident.