Amnesty Indonesia: Urge the Government to Immediately Protect the Rights of Health Workers!

Finally the Indonesian government is planning to distribute 105.000 protection materials to a number of hospitals and health services. However, these protection materials are prioritized in a way that gives focus on Java and Bali, Please help us to pressurize this distribution plan in a just and even manner through the whole country.

Medical staff, health workers and other people servicing the healthcare are in the frontline against COVID-19, but it is precisely their health and welfare that are being neglected.

24 doctors and 6 nurses have already died because they were infected during their duty with COVID-19 of exhaustion and long working hours. Who knows how many more will have the same fate.

Two health workers from the Dr Soekardjo Hospital in Tasikmalaya were forced to use a plastic raincoat when transferring people suspected of having the virus.

These events show the weakness in the health and security protection that the government offers them. It is caused by the fact that the protection protocol for health workers in the COVID-19 is not being applied in a to-the-point, overall and consistent way.

Adding to this: medical staff who want to be tested whether they carry the virus, have to pay for it themselves.

This situation is really worrying. Just like everyone else, health workers have a right to healthcare.

But you can support them for this to change.

Help us to exert more pressure to

1. the president, the Ministry of Health and al health services to distribute the protection materials in a just and even manner to all provinces, with regard to quantity and quality;

2. the president and the Ministry of Health to decide on and implement a protocol on the management and servicing of the COVID-19 for workers in the health sector, guaranteeing their health and welfare;

3. the president and the Ministry of Health to give transparent and complete information about medical and other health care staff who are confronted with COVID-19 and guarantee that they have access to health services.

Come on, sign the petition and ask the government to fulfill the right to healthcare of the medical professionals!

Sign the petition here (Amnesty Indonesia)

If we help them, we support the health of us all.

Salam solidaritas,

Amnesty International Indonesia

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