Three policemen died due to clashes with military members

Three police officers reportedly died as a consequence of disputes with military personnel in Kasonaweja, Mamberamo Raya regency on Sunday 12 April 2020 in the morning. Two died and three were injured during the clashes, one died later due to his injuries. Papua Police Chief Paulus Waterpauw stated that the incident was caused by a misunderstanding between both parties, which took place on Saturday. The Military Command and the Papua Police have reportedly formed a joint team to investigate the incident.

Two days earlier, a police officer identified as Chief Brig. Petrus Duow reportedly agreed to rent a motorbike from a local motorcycle taxi driver for Rp 50,000 (3.49 USD) per hour. However, the police officer only paid Rp 50,000 after borrowing the motorbike for three hours.

Amid the heated argument between Petrus and the taxi driver, other taxi drivers called personnel of Yonif 755 task force to come. Ten military personnel arrived and allegedly beat Petrus.

When Mamberamo Raya Police Chief Alexander Louw visited the beaten police officer on Saturday 11 April at home, he met other police members there and he reminded them of not taking unnecessary actions because he already contacted the Military Post Commander of Yonif 755 to solve the disputes.

However, around 20 police officers reportedly went to the military post in Kasonaweja on Sunday morning. A conflict took place, with military personnel allegedly shooting at the fleeing police officers.

The death victims are First Police Brigadier Marcelino Rumaikewi, First Police Brigadier Alexander Ndun and Second Police Brigadier Yosias Dibangga who are native Papuans. Some got shots on the neck, while others on tight,” said Police Commissionaire Anton Ampang, the Information Subdivision Chief of Papua Police.

Meanwhile, the injured victims are currently under intensive medical treatment. They are Second Police Brigadier Alva Titely with injury on the left tight, and Brigadier Robert Marien who suffered three gunshot wounds on his back.

Furthermore, the Information Subdivision of Papua Police Commissionaire Anton Ampang and the Cenderawasih Military Command spokesperson Col. Eko Daryanto have stated that the Military Command and the Papua Police have formed a joint team to investigate the incident.