Military police investigate alleged burning of Government facilities in Intan Jaya

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The military police are investigating allegations on the deliberate arson of a public health facility during a military operation in the Hitadipa District on 19 September 2020. The operation also resulted in the execution of Rev Yeremia Zanambani. The investigation had been launched after multiple investigation teams had reported the arson to various government institutions and representatives. Currently, eight army members, namely Capt. SA, Second Lt. KT, Second Sgt. MFA, First Sgt. S, Second Sgt. ISF, Second Cpl. DP, First Pvt. MI and Second Pvt. MH. Dodik are under investigation concerning the fire which destroyed multiple buildings. The local health department had built the houses as accommodation for medical staffs.

The eight suspects are accused of violating articles 187 and 55 of the Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP) on arson and assisting crimes. They have been detained at the military police headquarters in the regency of Nabire, while the case files are being finalised. They will be submitted to the III-19 Jayapura military prosecution attorney. Military police commander Let. Gen. Dodik Widjanarko explained in a public interview that the arson resulted in losses of IDR 1.5 billion (US$105,802). Army chief of staff (KSAD) Gen. Andika Prakasa has given the order to rebuild the health facilities. According to Prakarsa, the costs will be fully covered by the military.