Security force members torture indigenous Papuan on New Year’s Eve

The ICP has received credible information about the torture of 22-year-old Petrus Tebai in the village of Mauwa, Dogiyai regency, on New Year’s Eve. Petrus Tebai was inside his house as he heard people arguing in one of the neighbouring huts. Around midnight, he went out to look where the sound was coming from, as a group of security force members intercepted Petrus Tebai and allegedly beat him up until he lost consciousness. The informants stated that Mr Tebai also sustained a bullet injury as one of the officers released a shot at him.

It is not clear why the joint security force officers assaulted Petrus Tebai. Informants declared that Petrus Tebai was neither drunk, nor did he disturb public order. On 1 January 2021, Mr Tebai was admitted to the Siriwini Public Hospital in Nabire (see photo, source: independent human rights defender), where he received medical treatment.