More IDPs in Intan Jaya - Residents fled violence in Ndugusiga

The number of IDPs from Intan Jaya displaced due to the conflict between the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN PB) and Indonesian security forces was estimated at 13,000 people in November 2020. This number continues to increase as more security forces are deployed to the area. Benyamin Weya, Member of Parliament in Intan Jaya (DPRD Intan Jaya) said that the Ndugusiga village people had fled and vacated the village after a fight between the TPN PB and military forces took place on 22 January 2021. He explained that the village evacuation was carried out as a prevention at the warning given by joint security force representatives in Intan Jaya. The military leadership was giving constant warnings and threatened to shoot all people in Ndugusiga if the village is not cleared. The evacuation started on 23 January 2021.

The security forces (TNI Polri) claim that villagers have been feeding local resistance fighters from the TPN PB. Previously, the TNI Polri had also arrested several people in Ndugusiga village. So far, they have been released. "When there was a recent shooting in Titigi and along the road to Hitadipa, the people were all scared, so some people hid in their homes. After the shootout, TNI Polri pushed all of us in the churchyard and arrested some of the people."

Marten Zoani, a teacher at SD YPPK Titigi, confirmed that the people of Ndugusiga village had fled to several nearby villages and the town of Bilogai. "Previously, many Ndugusiga people had already been displaced. But the people who survived last year's shooting have also left the village last Saturday and Sunday. Some went to the Pastor's house here, some to Bilogai and some to Nabire and Timika", he said.