Update on trial against KNPB leader – Adam Sorry sentenced to six years imprisonment

The chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) branch office in the Maybrat Regency, Adam Sorry (see image, source: Suara Papua), was sentenced to six years in prison. A panel of judges at the Sorong District Court found him guilty for the alleged involvement of a homicide case in the Sori Village, Maybrat Regency. Before the verdict, the public prosecutor had sought a sentence of eleven years imprisonment for Sorry. Adam Sorry's lawyer plans to appeal against the ruling. He represents the view that law enforcement institutions attempt to criminalise Adam Sorry because of his political views and membership to the KNPB.

According to Adam Sorry’s lawyer, there were multiple shortcomings in the trial. He explained that the public prosecutor did not present the fingerprints as evidence at court, which police officers had allegedly found on the murder weapon. Moreover, he indicated that the judges had already prepared the verdict before the lawyer presented the final defence plea at court. The verdict was announced instantly after the plea, which created the impression that the judges had already agreed on the verdict prior to the court hearing, without considering the plea.