Military members shoot dead disabled Papuan in Intan Jaya

Various media outlets have published articles about the killing of Donatus Kuliki Mirip, a Papuan with a disability. Members of the military had allegedly shot dead 36-year-old Donatus Mirip in the village of Ndugusiga, Sugapa District, on 27 February 2021. Military representatives claimed that Donatus Mirip was associated with the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN PB). His body was buried in Titigi on 28 February 2021, about 300 meters from the catholic church in Titigi.

A Catholic pastor of the Paroki congregation in the village of Titigi denied the claim that the victim was associated with the TPN PB. According to the pastor, the victim was deaf and suffered a mental disorder. Donatus Mirip reportedly stayed in Ndugusiga by himself because the other villagers had already abandoned their houses to seek shelter in the town of Bilogai or other neighbouring regencies. The Pastor said that Donatus Mirip was often wandering around nearby villages without any clear destination.