Military member kills Papuan man during shooting at Jibama Market, Jayawijaya Regency

A military member has reportedly killed indigenous Papuan, Mr Durias Tabuni, during a brawl at the Jibama Market in the highland town of Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, on 4 June 2021. Mr Eliur Kogoya sustained a bullet injury in the left knee during the incident. Following the shooting, all traders and sellers fled to Wamena town because they feared retaliation from the victims’ relatives. The police found clear evidence that a military member committed the shooting. On 6 June 2021, the Jayawijaya District Police submitted the first results of the criminal investigation to the military police, as the institution responsible for the law enforcement against perpetrators affiliated with the military.

Despite the obligation to further investigate the case following military law enforcement procedure, military officials convinced the victims’ relatives to settle the issue outside of the law. According to Papuan media outlet Jubi, Mr Eliur Kogoya received IDR 100 million (about € 5,790) as compensation to cover medical expenses. In comparison, Mr Durias Tabuni’s relatives received IDR 350 million (about € 20,280). The relatives had to sign an agreement (see image below, source: Jubi) which declares both cases settled. Such agreements are standard in cases of extra-judicial killings and torture to protect the perpetrators from being legally prosecuted.

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