Police officer opens fire at Papuan villager – Angry mob burn down Nimboran police station

Multiple media outlets have covered a further case of police violence against an ethnic Papuan in the Nimboran District, Jayapura Regency, Papua Province. According to media sources, a member of the Nimboran sub-district police opened fire at 22-year-old Fredrik Sem in the Worambaim village on 2 August 2021. Mr Sem sustained an injury on the head due to a bullet and was admitted to the hospital (see photo below, source: JPIC Kingmi Papua). Following the incident, angry relatives and residents burned down the Nimboran police station (see photo on top, source: Jubi).

Before the incident, Fredrik Sem had allegedly stopped cars to beg for money. Thereupon, residents reported him to the sub-district police in Nimboran. According to one of the witnesses, the police officer released two shots at the legs as Fredrik Sem wanted to escape the arrest. A third shot to the head hit Mr Sem tangentially, causing him to fall on the ground. The police claim he was intoxicated and attacked the officer with a crowbar. Mr Sem is currently undergoing medical treatment at the Bhayangkara police hospital in Jayapura. It is unclear whether the police will press charges against him.

Several days before the incident, the recordings of two air force members torturing a disabled Papuan and Nabire police officers torturing a Papuan man during arrest had caused public outrage over the widespread security force violence in West Papua. Both videos had gone viral after being leaked on social media.

Fredrik Sem, shortly after being admitted to the hospital.

Victim Nimboran Police shooting edited